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Whether you’re an established non-profit organization or someone who wants to establish a non-profit organization, our 35-plus years of experience in this area of law and tax can assist. We are experience in forming; organizing; filing for and obtaining tax exempt status; as well as assisting with organizational, governance, and compliance issues.


The first planning issue for a to-be-formed non-profit is whether it will be a charitable organization or a private foundation. Our experience will assist in examining the planned functions of the organization, its support avenues, and its governance. Based upon that examination we assist in determining the proper type of exemption to request from the IRS.


Once the determination is made as to the proper type of exempt organization, we can prepare the necessary formation documents as well as the appropriate governance documents. We can also prepare the required application for exemption to be filed with the Internal Revenue Service, as well as any required by the State.


A very important aspect of continuance as a tax-exempt non-profit is the proper adherence to the required federal and state compliance laws. It is also, and equally important, to understand the periodic filing requirements whether federal or state. We are well-versed in these compliance issues and can assist you in determining what is required and how to comply.

  • My experience with Steve and Paul has been top notch! They are highly knowledgeable and make it easy to work with them. They handled my business with the utmost of care. I highly recommend them!

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  • Steve and Paul are a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. From beginning to end, their digital legal services make the planning process simple and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone!

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