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Planning: Navigating through the often complex and confusing landscape of business taxation can be daunting for any business executive. We assist our clients in understanding the tax code and regulations applicable to their respective business entity and environment. Whether your business is operated as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, Limited Partnership, S-Corporation, or C-corporation, we are dedicated to assisting with your understanding and planning to minimize your business’ tax burden.

Dispute resolution: At those times when the taxing authorities don’t agree with our clients as to the tax they owe, we aggressively represent our clients in resolving those disputes. We assist with over income tax, ad valorem tax, franchise tax, sales tax, and other business taxes at various levels of discussion and appeal in various venues including administrative appeals, through the district courts, and the Tax Court.


In today’s litigious environment, it is important to implement strategies to protect your business assets and revenue sources. The proper protection of a business begins with the proper selection of business entity, to the proper governance of that entity, through the strategic use of other related entities during the business growth process. We assist our clients in every phase of their business formation, growth, diversification, and continuance. We are available to assist with the election of the proper entity, formation of that entity; draft and negotiate contracts; and assist with the resolution of business disputes.

Other area where protection is needed is the protection of the business’ confidential, proprietary, and trade secrets. We are experienced in preparing the necessary documents and agreements to protect these lifelines of your business.


Internal expansion: When you’re ready to expand your business, we’re ready to assist. We assist clients in locating and securing financing for expansion, and assist with the negotiation of the acquisition of property and assets. We also assist with the preparation of all necessary documents and agreements to accomplish the internal expansion such as contracts, debt instruments, employee agreements, shareholder/partner agreements, deferred compensation agreements, and various other types of agreements to effectuate the expansion.

External expansion: If your expansion involves the use of franchising, joint ventures, or another means that involves outside parties, we can assist. We are experience in preparation of all necessary disclosure documents, contracts, and agreements necessary to expand your business with investors, partners, or franchisees.


There will come a time when you’re ready to having a fuller enjoyment of all your hard work and success. When you’re ready to “redirect” your energies, it is important to have a plan for the continuance of your business so that that business can support your redirection. Your exit strategy may include the sale of your business; transferring it to your children or key employees; or a combination of those. We can assist with establishing your plan; and prepare the necessary documents to ensure a smooth transition.


“Giving Back” may be important to you and your business. We can assist you in defining the philanthropic goals and direction for your business; and establish the proper vehicle for carrying out that plan. Whether the plan involves direct gifting to established charitable organizations or the establishment of a private foundation for your business, we have the experience to assist in realizing those goals.

  • My experience with Steve and Paul has been top notch! They are highly knowledgeable and make it easy to work with them. They handled my business with the utmost of care. I highly recommend them!

    Stephanie Cuningkin, CPA
    S. Cuningkin
    Certified Public Accountant
  • Steve and Paul are a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. From beginning to end, their digital legal services make the planning process simple and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone!

    McKinney Headshot 2016
    S. McKinney
    Director of Financial Planning
  • We love Paul and trust him Implicitly!! He will do the job well for you.

    MJ Pinkley
  • N. Wood
    Salon Owner
  • T. Chapman
    Administrative Assistant

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