Estate Planning

The acquisition, use, accumulation, and ultimate distribution of assets according to your desires is our goal in this area of service.

Tax Planning and Dispute Resolution

Proper tax planning enables you to pay the least amount of tax allowed by law.

Preparation and Administration of Trusts

TRUSTS can be very useful in holding, protecting, and distributing your assets in accordance with your wishes. There are many types of TRUSTS, and our goal is to assist you in selecting the proper type of TRUST(s) to fulfill your purposes. In addition, TRUSTS can also be very efficient for your philanthropic and charitable goals.

Non-profit and Charitable Organization Planning, Structuring, and Governance

With more than thirty years experience helping churches, charities, schools, and private foundations with their financial, organizational, and tax issues, we are uniquely qualified to assist non-profits organizations, staff, and Directors with their needs.

Business Succession Planning

You sacrificed for many years to build a profitable business. Now the business is successful, with a loyal following, and you’re ready to slow down, or maybe even retire. But who will succeed you in caring for your creation? And how do you reap the benefits of those years of toil? We can assist in developing an “exit plan” for you. Whether it’s a buy-sell agreement with a family member who is active in the business; or a key employee or employees; or assist with the negotiations with a prospective buyer, we can help.

Preparation of Wills

Everyone needs a WILL — unless you want the State to make the ultimate decision as to who will get your assets when you pass away; or who will be the guardian of your children. A properly drafted and executed WILL ensures that you have the final word in the use and distribution of your assets; AND the care and upbringing of your children.

Contract Preparation and Review

In today’s litigious environment, whether buying a home, a business, a piece of real estate, or negotiating a lease, a properly drafted and executed contract is imperative to your protection.

Asset Protection and Planning

You work hard to acquire the things that you have and you deserve to keep them. A properly developed Asset Protection Plan will help keep your assets from people that you don’t want to have them.


Franchising your business system can be very profitable. We are experienced in assisting with the franchising process from concept to executing the required documents. We can assist in preparing the Franchise Disclosure Document and all the other required documents for franchising your business system.

Probate and Succession Administration

After you’ve left this life and gone on to glory, our goal is to distribute your assets in accordance with your last will and testament as quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively as possible.

Business Organization Planning, Structuring, and Governance

Whether you are currently active in business or wanting to get into business, our decades of experience can help with every aspect of your business’ life cycle — from deciding on what types of entity to use, to preparing all the necessary documents, to assisting with the ongoing structure, governance, and tax issues that arise during the life of your business.