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CCPA Compliance

CCPA Application & Compliance

CCPA Application & Compliance: How do I get CCPA compliant as a business? CCPA Application & Compliance: The application side of the coin for many businesses trying to execute CCPA...
CCPA Compliance

CCPA Compliance – At a Glance

California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA: What is required to gain CCPA compliance? How can a business achieve CCPA Compliance?
Aretha Franklin's Will

Aretha Franklin’s Will – Don’t Leave Without One

Aretha Franklin’s Will – Don’t Leave Without One With an estimated 80 million dollar estate left behind, Aretha Franklin’s will doesn’t exist.  Franklin’s family left behind to deal with the...
Power of Giving

Power of Giving

Power of Giving - When the heart of a business is service, everyone receives and the lake continues to grow.
Due Diligence

Due Diligence – Digital Profile Factors in Mergers & Acquisitions

How can a digital profile impact a business – specifically in the realm of mergers and acquisitions. Due diligence plays a big role in assessing impact . . .
digital footprint

Digital Footprint

The data comprising your digital footprint is likely more comprehensive than you could ever imagine.  Your digital footprint is left all over the world as you carry on every day...
IRS Scam

IRS Scam

Here are four signs it's an IRS scam: 1. Demands of . . .
Summer Plans

Summer Plans.

Have you taken the time to sure up your estate plan before travelling?  If not, let us help you get it done before you leave.  Call us at (877) 622-5840 today to...

Can the State Help You Offset SALT Limitations?

We all want a solution to the new tax liabilities we all face. You have recently learned about The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - the new limits that the...

Are You Using Itemized Deductions?

Are you using itemized deductions on your federal tax returns? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made some substantial changes to itemized deductions for 2018 tax returns taxpayers will file...

Want to Avoid Probate?

Want to avoid probate? A revocable living trust, “RLT,” is a typical answer for avoidance of probate.  The RLT is a viable solution for many people for the following reasons:...

Taxation of an LLC

Taxation of an LLC. A Limited Liability Company (“LLC”) is an entity formed under the laws of a particular state. The owner(s) of the LLC is called a “Member.” The...

IRS Radar

At times the IRS radar can shift to focus on specific targets.  Lately, we have notice a growth in a few areas that we wanted to share with our readers: ...
virtual currency

IRS & Virtual Currency

What could the IRS be reminding us about today during tax season?  Oh, yes of course – Virtual Currency transactions.  It is always interesting overhearing people talk about virtual currency...

Bad Company

The bad company we hold is only getting worse as estate planning across the generations is continuing to slip. 6 out of 10 adult Americans do not have a Will....
Probate Book

3 Ways to Avoid Probate in Texas

3 Ways to Avoid Probate in Texas You can avoid probate and all its burdens if you properly plan for the future.  What’s probate pain?  Time – 6 months to...
living or dying

Living v. Dying

Living v. Dying  Do you have a full set of living estate planning documents?  The Last Will and Testament will cover you when you die, but what plan do you...
Probate Book

Your Estate Plan Is Stale And Moldy

Your Estate Plan Is Stale and Moldy  No one likes stale and moldy – especially when it comes to planning.  Our firm has Steve Grenier, a Board Certified Estate Planning and Tax...
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