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Planning: Every individual is required to pay the amount of tax due based the application of the law to their income, gifts, and estates. The Grenier Law Firm is dedicated to assist you in planning to pay the least amount of tax required under the law for your particular situation.

Dispute resolution: Even when we attempt to follow the law and satisfy our responsibilities, disputes with taxing authorities arise. We can assist in the resolution of those dispute by representing you whether it be with a local government agency, the State, the Internal Revenue Service, or through the state or federal court system.


Asset Protection: You work hard to accumulate the property and other assets you’ve acquired. Through the use of various strategies and techniques available under the law we can assist you in positioning your assets to minimize the potential of loss from claims of creditors and aggressive litigants. We also can assist with the development of trusts and other entities to protect your family wealth and businesses.


Every individual has thoughts and plans as to how, and to whom, they desire their assets to be given at their death. If those thoughts and plans are not properly reduced to writing and funding, the State will determine who will succeed to your assets. There are few other areas of the law that are as complicated, confusing, and potentially devastating to your thoughts and plans as the laws dealing with estates and gifts. Our experience is geared to assisting you in developing a proper plan, reducing that plan to writing, and, as necessary, assisting you in the proper means of funding portions of that plan. We are experienced in structuring and creating numerous vehicles as part of an effective estate plan such as trusts, family limited partnerships, GRATs, GRUTs, defective sales, and private foundation.

When the inevitable occurs, we will assist your estate, your family, and your heirs through the probate process. We have extensive experience in assisting your executor with the process and filing all necessary filings with the courts; giving necessary notice to heirs, creditors, and mortgage holders; and placing the heirs and other beneficiaries in possession of the property that you’ve given them. We are also experienced in establishing the trusts that you dictate and seeing that those trusts are properly funded.

If a legitimate dispute should arise — whether it be with your estate or an estate that you have an interest in — we can assist in resolving those dispute, even if it requires action through the court system.


Giving is an integral and natural part of many lives. Whether it is gifts to family members or a favorite charity, giving is important to many. As with so many other areas of our lives, the tax man is also interested in what we’re giving and to whom. For more than 30 years we have been assisting individuals with their giving strategies and minimizing the impact of the tax man on their giving strategies. We assist with understanding the potential tax impact of particular gifting desires, prepare the proper tax return where necessary, as well as more complex strategies such as the formation of GRATs, GRUTS, Donor Assisted Funds, and Private Foundations.

  • My experience with Steve and Paul has been top notch! They are highly knowledgeable and make it easy to work with them. They handled my business with the utmost of care. I highly recommend them!

    Stephanie Cuningkin, CPA
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  • Steve and Paul are a pleasure to work with. They are incredibly knowledgeable and professional. From beginning to end, their digital legal services make the planning process simple and efficient. I would recommend them to anyone!

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    S. McKinney
    Director of Financial Planning
  • We love Paul and trust him Implicitly!! He will do the job well for you.

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