3 Ways to Avoid Probate in Texas

You can avoid probate and all its burdens if you properly plan for the future.  What’s probate pain?  Time – 6 months to over a year; Money – thousands of dollars; Privacy – it’s all public record.  Here are three ways to avoid the pain of probate:

  1. A Trust. The trust continues from when you created it until you or the trustee ends it.  Everything the trust owns does not need to be probated.  With the right plan and action, you can ensure the probate process is a breeze.
  2. A Transfer on Death Deed. Texas now offers transfer on death deeds, which allows us to re-deed your real estate to allow beneficiary designations.  You will not need to probate your any real estate with a valid transfer on death deed.
  3. Beneficiary Designations. Life insurance policies are one of the most common ways to pass an inheritance to a beneficiary.  However, you can also designate a beneficiary for automobiles in Texas.

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